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Welcome to the Utah Association of Appraisers

The Utah Association of Appraisers (UAA) is a Utah non-profit corporation organized in 1990. Its Board of Trustees comprises delegates of the Utah professional appraiser organizations represented in The Appraisal Foundation. The Appraisal Foundation is a national organization recognized by the United States Congress as the developer and publisher of appraisal standards and appraiser qualification criteria adopted by the States for appraiser and appraisal regulation.

UAA provides proactive representation for the Utah professional appraiser organizations and other Utah appraisers. It contributes to education of the general public regarding the imperative of appraiser objectivity, independence, qualifications, ethics, and professional standards for protection of the public interest. It contributes to education of appraisers to assure accurate interpretation of professional standards, the Utah State Appraiser Law and Administrative Rules and how they apply to an appraiser’s practice. It also provides leadership, interpretation, and impetus on issues affecting the appraisal profession in Utah.

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